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Not fashion.. but ERAL55 what we are We sell clothes, but not those hanging on a hanger with "sale" written. We sell shoes, but not those with brand new soles and the words "made in Italy": Yeah, right.

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We sell accessories, but not the same ones displayed in museum shops. We sell, or rather not: we select, sew, attach, finish, change, design, invent, produce, brand, contaminate, collaborate, fight, understand, explore and of course make mistakes.

We certainly don't sleep. There are five windows that shed light on the corner which decides that Corso Como is here and Piazza XXV is there.

These windows are here, lit up since 1976, when the city was different. And there weren't any pointed skyscrapers down there and the Italian food trumpeters next door.

These shop windows have watched the Milanese change and the tourists transumare first towards the thrill of a nearby suburb and today towards the conformism of a quiet idea of progress. It seems that the days go by over the years, it happens so fast, but these windows have always done everything to not look like anyone.

Not to be the pattern repeated with the fashion seasons. Not to be looked at without passion, without love or hate. It doesn't matter. What matters is that those who saw them realized that the reflection of their own image in the glass was that of a man who was not at all ordinary. And whoever noticed it came in. And then came back. Returned. Returned.

Tailoring Since 1954 tailored suits and jackets made entirely by hand are made with fabrics from old archives, prepared with custom finishes. Brands Beacuse you do not choose to spend your whole life with the first woman who passes by. And drive the first car that passes by.

And drink the first beer that passes by. Because thing you do is to choose.

And if you don't choose, other people choose for you. Unless you grant yourself the greatest luxury of our time: trusting someone. We've chosen what we like and you may not necessarily like it, but it's very, very hard to happen if you choose to trust on us.


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