List of products by brand Monobi

MONOBI garments are designed and manufactured in our factory, in the heart of Tuscany, surrounded by nature. From the fabric to the finished garment: a path 650 meters long, to which many people collaborate, with different skills.

All the steps that lead to the creation of a fabric develop within a long production chain that takes palce in our company implant.

Sustainability is one of our most important values and our leaders tell our attention to the environment. The challenge of MONOBI is precisely this: apply technologies typical of garments with more technical purposes on urban clothing.

Clean lines, high-tech fabrics, great attention to the details. Innovative fabrics and high-tech assembly techniques are the ingredients of increasingly high-performance garments, calibrated to the daily needs of a man who lives and travels in the urban context.

The performances of the garments serve him to live his daily life, in continuous movement, with experiences and in different contexts.

They are the traveling companions who make what we do unique. With MONOBI, the setbacks do not exist.


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